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A Connecticut Personal Injury Lawsuit: How Long Will It Take?

The legal process for personal injury claims is different for every case. How long a Connecticut personal injury claim takes depends on numerous factors, and can range anywhere from a few months to several years before resolution.


How Long Will My Connecticut Personal Injury Case Take?


No one-size-fits-all answer will determine how long a Connecticut personal injury case will take. Instead, the answer depends on the particular facts of each case. For example, any of the following could influence how long a case may last:


  • How long the injured person is required to receive treatment for injuries
  • The nature and extent of the persons injuries
  • The insurance carriers evaluation of the case
  • Whether the two parties dispute how the accident happened
  • If the two parties dispute whether the accident caused the injuries
  • How long it takes to gather and evaluate the necessary documentation (for example, medical records)
  • Whether the case settles or goes to trial


To better understand the timeline that applies to your case, contact a Connecticut personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney will look at the particular facts of your case (when, where, how, and by whom you were injured), research the legal issues involved in your case, and draw from past experiences to estimate the length of time it may take to resolve a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.


Should I Start the Process Now or Later?

If you were injured, start the process now. Every personal injury claim in Connecticut is subject to what is known as a statute of limitationsa deadline by which a person must file a personal injury claim. After that deadline passes, the person may forever lose the right to bring a personal injury lawsuit. The clock often begins ticking from the date the person was injured. This means you must contact an attorney immediately to discuss any deadlines you may face and evaluate how long your personal injury case may take.


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