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NHTSA: Pedestrian Safety Myths to Discuss with Your Child

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Out of one million Connecticut residents, about 13 will suffer a fatal accident while walking along a street this year. Many, unfortunately, will be children. Connecticut’s landscape varies significantly, but parents should discuss pedestrian safety with their children whether they live in a busy city or a quiet rural town. In an effort to keep children safe, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has issued safety tipsthat dispel some of the myths associated with pedestrian safety that are detailed below.

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MYTH: A Green Light Means It’s Safe to Cross

Drivers may turn right on red. Cars might be in in the middle of an intersection when the light changes. Sometimes, drivers fly through the intersection regardless of the light. Make sure that your child knows that a green light isn’t an automatic sign that she can cross the intersection. It is a signal that they can begin cautiously crossing the street after looking both ways. 

MYTH: Traffic Lights Are Safe Places to Cross

Crosswalks are safe places to cross, and traffic lights often have crosswalks at them. That does not mean that traffic lights are automatically safe. If there is no crosswalk at a light, it’s probably for a reason—perhaps because the line of sight approaching the light is obscured. Or, perhaps the cars may approach too fast to stop. Make sure your child knows to look for the crosswalk, rather than to assume that he can cross at any light.

MYTH: If You Can See the Driver, the Driver Can See You

A driver must focus on many things at the same time. If you drive, you’ve had that experience, but your child has not. It is important to explain to your child that the driver may not see them. Teach your child to wait until the car comes to a complete stop before crossing in front of it.

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