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Stay Safe Over Spring Break

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Spring break is a time that the whole family can enjoy. Kids look forward to being off school and parents have the opportunity to plan fun vacations to go skiing, see the beach, go to theme parks, or other adventures. Unfortunately, as is the case with any type of vacation, there is also the risk of accidents and injuries to your family members.


The following are some examples of common accidents on spring break vacation:


  • Auto Accidents - Reports indicate that traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities increase during spring break, especially in popular tourist locations and often due to drunk driving. However, car crashes can happen before you ever reach your destination. Many people embark on road trips for spring break and can be involved in serious accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers.

  • Theme park injuries - Like hotels, theme parks have the potential to have dangerous hazards that can injure park-goers. Ride operators can be negligent, attractions or games can malfunction, and other situations can go awry and cause injuries.

  • Hotel injuries - Hotels are expected to keep their premises in safe condition to avoid injuries to guests. When hotel owners fail to abide by this duty of care and allow hazardous conditions to exist, guests can be injured in slip and fall accidents, due to negligent security measures, and in other dangerous situations.

  • Pool injuries - Swimming pools can also have hazards that cause injuries, including slick surfaces, inadequate warning signs, insufficient barriers, dangerous drain covers in violation of safety laws, and more. Pool accidents can cause severe injuries and may even result in drowning.


The potential for injuries should not stop you from enjoying a vacation, of course. However, if you are in an accident, you should discuss your legal rights with an experienced attorney.


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