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Burn and Explosion Injuries

Burn Explosion Injury

Fires, explosions, and other catastrophes are dramatic and devastating. Victims of burns and other injuries often have permanent emotional and physical scars that may never heal. You need a burn injury lawyer with the experience and professionalism to help you recover from these painful and debilitating injuries.

Explosions and fires rarely just happen. They are most often the result of carelessness, negligence, or deliberate acts. If you or a loved one is harmed by a negligent party, you need help to recover damages.

At CT Injury Lawyers, our burn injury lawyers have helped burn victims obtain compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income, and other costs. Our lawyers who are experienced in representing burn injury cases can help with the complex and time-consuming medical, forensic and legal challenges involved in burn injury cases. If you have been burned or a family member has been killed in a fire or explosion, CT Injury Lawyers can determine if you are entitled to compensation.

Burn injuries are painful, expensive, and slow to heal. They often require multiple skin grafts and other surgeries. There is a lengthy recovery period during which the risk of infection is great. Victims are often unable to work again for many months or years, if ever. And they frequently require intensive psychological counseling as a result of the drastic changes in their appearance and abilities.

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At CT Injury Lawyers, all of our personal injury attorneys once worked for insurance companies. Thanks to this experience, our lawyers know how the system works and how to fight for your rights. We have all chosen now to work for you.

Our lawyers have decades of experience representing burn injury cases and will use it to get the compensation you deserve. If you have been hurt, remember that time matters. Get medical help, but do not talk to insurance agents or their lawyers until you have consulted with an experienced burn injury lawyer. 

You can be confident that our lawyers know what to say and how to get the maximum results under the law. We have represented thousands of Connecticut citizens, and hundreds of lawyers have referred clients to us for representation.

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