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Will Workers’ Compensation Cover Your Construction Accident?

Anyone who goes into the construction industry should be well aware that the job comes with significant risks of injuries. Even if a construction company takes every safety precaution possible and follows every safety regulation, accidents are still bound to happen on construction sites. This is because construction sites are inherently in an unstable condition most of the time and involve heavy machinery, large building materials, and power tools.

Injuries after Head Trauma at Work

Many different workplace accidents can result in some degree of trauma to the head. Falls, getting hit by falling objects, motor vehicle accidents, and more can all result in a hit to the head. In some cases, the head trauma may cause initial pain but may subside with no additional symptoms. However, in many situations, trauma to the head can result in a variety of severe injuries that may have lasting consequences.

Causes of Back Injuries at Work

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there were almost 3.0 million workplace injuries reported by private employers in 2014. Back injuries are among the most common types of work injury that you can sustain and are often severe enough to prevent you from returning to work for a significant period of time. In particularly severe cases, they can even keep you from engaging in everyday activities around the house, resulting in you needing to stay in a residential care facility or seek in-home care.