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Protecting Victims of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Installation Accidents

Installing heavy equipment is one of the most dangerous and demanding lines of work. Welding, cutting, and brazing create health risks to more than 500,000 workers in a wide variety of industries. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, more than four workers per thousand will be killed in these jobs during an average lifetime.

Our attorneys know how to help if you’ve been injured or developed a chronic illness while working in HVAC installation or a related industry. Workers installing insulation, HVAC, plumbing, sheet metal, or heating equipment are exposed to potentially fatal physical injuries, as well as health risks from asbestos and chemical exposure. Besides the obvious physical dangers, environmental exposures in these industries create a risk for mesothelioma and other illnesses every day. 

Illness and Injury Risks

HVAC, (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), mining, insulation, plumbing, pipefitting, boiler making, sheet metal, metal plastic processing, and textile workers need a workers’ compensation attorney to help with illness-related claims on the job. For example, each year thousands of workers in these industries fall sick with mesothelioma (cancer of the lining of the lung) or pneumoconiosis, a lethal respiratory disease that includes asbestosis, silicosis, and other related illnesses.

Leading non-fatal HVAC occupational illnesses include:

  • Noise-Induced hearing loss
  • Skin diseases, including allergic and irritant dermatitis, skin cancer and other skin conditions
  • Respiratory disorders from potentially deadly dirt diseases of the lungs (silicosis, asbestosis, coal worker's pneumoconiosis) to asthma, chronic bronchitis and COPD
  • Heatstroke, sunstroke, frostbite, and other conditions caused by environmental factors, as well as exposure to other ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
  • Poisoning from lead and other heavy metals, toxic gases, chemical solvents, pesticides and formaldehyde

Our HVAC and heavy equipment workers’ compensation attorneys will help you with all of the complicated medical and legal filings associated with HVAC and other industrial injuries.

Facing Down Insurance Companies

HVAC, welding, and related jobs are a vital part of our economy, growing around 15% a year. Unfortunately, in growing industries, less-than-reputable companies will sometimes try to skimp on worker’s compensation and liability insurance or avoid legal obligations. Our attorneys have worked for insurance companies. Our attorneys know how to challenge those tactics and how to prove the extent of your injury.

If a loved one is injured or killed while installing HVAC or other heavy equipment, our attorneys can help. Our industrial injury attorneys know how to make a claim no matter where you are hurt, and will fight for the maximum settlement in any accident, whether you are hurt on the job or develop a chronic, job-related illness.

And of course, you pay nothing unless we win a judgment. Talk to one of our attorneys certified as a workers’ compensation specialist today if you or a loved was involved in a work-related incident.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim?

Our workers' compensation attorneys know that worker’s comp insurance is not always sufficient to cover the necessary recovery from workplace injuries. We will file all appropriate claims and, when necessary, a civil lawsuit against a third party for personal injury damages.

In a personal injury claim or lawsuit, you are entitled to recover all of the damages that you have suffered. This includes lost earnings, lost earning capacity, medical bills, future medical expenses, permanent impairment, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

We Worked for Them; Now We Work For You

At CT Injury Lawyers, all of our workers’ compensation attorneys once worked in-house for insurance companies. Thanks to this experience, our attorneys know how the system works and how to fight for your rights. We have all chosen now to work for you, the hardworking people of Connecticut.

Our attorneys have decades of experience and will use it to get the settlement you deserve. If you have been hurt, remember that time matters. Get medical help, but do not talk to insurance agents or their attorneys until you have consulted with an attorney experienced in representing industrial workplace accidents.

You can be confident that our attorneys know what to say and how to get the maximum settlement under the law. We have represented thousands of industrial workers, and hundreds of attorneys have referred clients to us for representation.

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