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Recovering After a Fall at Work

CT Worker's Compensation Attorney

Falls1 can happen in many different situations and in many different locations, and the workplace is no exception. When you fall at work, you will need to seek compensation in a different way than if you had fallen in another business or on other private property. This is because injuries from falls at work should be compensated through the workers’ compensation system.2


How Falls Happen on the Job

Workplace falls happen on a regular basis, though two cases can involve completely different circumstances. Some examples of workplace falls include the following:


  • Slipping and falling in an office building

  • Falling from a ladder or roof

  • Falling because of a scaffolding collapse

  • Defective safety equipment causes a fall

  • Falls down stairs or escalators


Whether you slipped and fell on level ground or fell from a high place, the potential for serious injuries exists. If you were injured in your fall, you can file a workers’ compensation claim to seek the benefits available to you.


Available Benefits

Workers’ compensation should cover all of your medical expenses that stemmed from your workplace fall. This can range from the cost of a single doctor’s visit to ongoing, long-term treatment for an injury that caused a disability. No matter how little or how much your medical bills include, they should be covered if you fell while on the job.


In addition, many falls can cause injuries that make it difficult or impossible to return to work for some time or possibly ever again. Workers’ compensation benefits should provide a replacement for a significant percentage of your lost wages. If your condition persists, you can seek benefits for temporary or permanent disability. Finally, if you lost a loved one due to a workplace fall, workers’ compensation insurance should provide you and your family with wrongful death benefits.


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